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rebel weigh™ is a 60 day starter mission for anyone who wants to learn the new science of weight management.

for decades we have been sold the lie that we should ‘eat less, exercise more’. this advice hasn’t just failed to slow the obesity epidemic, science has now proven it is causing the obesity epidemic.

our attempts at weight loss are causing metabolic and psychological stress that increase our set point weight longer term. this explains why a staggering 95% of dieters regain the weight and 40% end up even heavier by 5 years.

there is a better way, with rebel weigh™.

• retake control of your weight
• discover your unique set point
• choose your unique path to health!

rebel weigh™ launches on mon 11 jan and ends on sun 07 mar 2020.

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Icon Who who is it for?

rebel weigh™ isn't just for veteran dieters who are struggling to control their weight. it is for anyone who wants to learn the new science of weight management, for themselves or to teach others.

• it is for rebel parents who want to teach their children how to manage their weight healthily, without dieting

• it is for rebel doctors who want to teach their patients how to live healthily, regardless of their weight or size

• it is for rebel personal trainers who want to teach their clients the science of set point weight and body composition

at the end of the mission you will have all the knowledge and materials to teach the rest of the world the truth about weight and diet culture!


“i’ve really enjoyed this mission! it addressed and offered solutions to getting rid of ‘diet mentality’ along with very useful advice and insight regarding binge/emotional eating. thank you so much for giving me the knowledge to recognise why i was binge eating and the tools to deal with it without stressing.” - rachel beesley

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Icon Think the classroom

the classroom is a private facebook group where rebel weigh™ is delivered in 8 weight management modules, over 8 weeks in total...

1 . rebelling against diet culture
2 . finding your unique set point weight
3 . accepting vs changing your body
4 . the body acceptance path
5 . the lower set point path
6 . the composition change path
7 . the performance path
8 . choosing your unique path

download the mission schedule »

all the content is delivered via handy pdfs that you can download and keep for life.

you also gain access to a private facebook group where we’ll be sharing videos, graphics and q&a sessions, all aimed at helping you understand and control your weight better!


“i’ve loved this mission, i've learnt lots and changed my relationship with food for the better! i wasn’t able to keep up with everything on the mission, but having the pdfs is a great help and i plan to do it again when i’ve got more time.” - rebecca ferry


Icon Team the chat room

the chat room is a separate facebook group for rebels to meet each other, chat and share the journey together. the chat room includes...

• daily workouts for all ages, shapes, size and fitness levels

• home workouts you can do in your garden or living room

• expert health, fitness and nutrition support!


“i have really enjoyed this mission and felt i have learnt a huge amount about training and nutrition from it. there was so much useful content around nutrition and exercise, some of which i already knew but most of which was new and a revelation!” - shaneeny cain

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Icon Goals rebel awards!

we are delighted to announce that all missions now come with accreditation from the rebelfit health and performance academy.

any rebels who want to earn a rebel certificate (and a rebel coach hoodie) are invited to complete an online exam at the end of the mission. there is no additional cost. however, if you do pass you will need to buy your hoodie (£29.99 including p&p) if you want one.

• earn and collect rebel certificates in weight management, nutrition and health, regardless of your weight or size!

• wear your rebel hoodie with pride, knowing that you've earned it by learning real science, free from diet culture!

• share your knowledge with others, helping to spread the rebellion and free others from the slimming industry!

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Mid Icon applications now open!

rebel weigh™ launches on monday 19 october! on signing up you will be given access to the 'warm up' facebook group where we'll start getting you prepped and ready for launch!

pay monthly

£36 per month

this option allows you to pay in two instalments. the 1st instalment comes out on signing up and the 2nd instalment is one month later.

pay up front

£60 in advance

this option allows you to pay for rebel weigh™ in advance. this also earns you a discount, saving you £12 on the full mission price.

sponsor a rebel

£10 donation

this option allows you to donate £10 towards our rebel sponsorship fund, to pay for rebels who ordinarily can't afford to join us on the mission.

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we have two new missions coming this october!

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"dieting and exercising has gone and now i am happily eating and training! feeling fit, strong and healthy. i understand the role of food now and i look at it in a different way which will keep me healthy for life. this is not a short term plan, it is education and valuable information that you can apply to your own life."

- suzie godfrey

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"it appears that dieters who manage to sustain a weight loss are the rare exception, rather than the rule. dieters who gain back more weight than they lost may very well be the norm, rather than an unlucky minority."

- dr traci mann, "diets are not the answer"


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